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Lisa Snowden,- Lisa_snowden, Midweek Menopause Madness

Dr Naomi Potter- drmenopausecare,- 

Dr Charlotte Gooding- drcharlottegooding

Dr Rebecca Lewis-dr.rebecca.lewis

Dr Louise Newson- menopause_doctor

The Perimenopause Doctor- drshahzadiharper

Dr Shafeena Premji- dr.shafeenapremji_ashkumar


Dr Louise Newson- Preparing for the Perimenopause and Menopause,  and Menopause Manual

Dr Shahzadi Harper- The Menopause Solution 

Estrogen Matters Avrum Bluming MD and Carol Tavris PhD

Emma Ellice Flint- Peri/Menopause Nutritionist- Happy Hormone Cookbook

Menopause Manifesto- Dr Jen Gunter

Menopausing- Davina McCall


Get Lifted - Lisa Snowden

The Louise Newson Podcast

Episode #97, Trying to right 20 years of misinformation and hysteria about HRT - Professor Rob Langer and Dr Louise Newson

The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show 

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