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Focus on 5 - Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the top symptoms that can happen as you journey into menopause. The NICE guidelines, North American Menopause Society and Canadian Menopause Society all recognized that anxiety is a key symptoms. The Menopause Foundation of Menopause survey stated that 48% of women experienced symptoms of anxiety.

For many years I have experienced symptoms of anxiety, worry and brain fog. I started Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and the symptoms definitely improved, but occasionally I find myself anxious, stressed, not able to focus and feel as if I cant cope.

I decided to Focus on Anxiety as my first symptom. Here are a few of the actions I have taken that have really helped.

Anxiety Canada has one the best websites for taking a deep dive into Anxiety and its FREE. You can learn about what causes your anxious thoughts, what type of anxiety you have, relaxation tools, how to identify your thought traps and challenge them head on. The site provides a personal anxiety plan, questionnaires, guides and tools for you to use, along with the Mind Shift App, again completely free.

I tried the CALM App for guided daily meditations, mindfulness and movement. The daily movement takes around 6 to 7 minutes and has provided a time for me to slow down and focus. There are many others Apps that you can use too.

Even during my most stressful times I have been able to actively use breathing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and even music to try and focus my mind back on the coping strategies I have learnt.

HRT is not a magic fix, so as we age we do need to take a look again at how we cope with life and all its challenges.

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